Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Liberator work on my boat:  Yes, so far we have been able to fit up 100% of the boats assembled to date.

What powers The Liberator:  It uses your standard 12 volt battery

Is it all weather:  The Liberator is manufactured of marine grade everything, utilizing aluminum, plastic and stainless steel.

Color choices:  We are using only Weathermax 80 for the top cover material and the colors they offer.

Can I trailer with The Liberator top:  Yes you can, at less than highway speeds, however the sides and rear corners need to be tied down with the provided straps.

How fast can I go with The Liberator top extended :  The Liberator has been tested to 60 MPH.

Winter Storage:  The Liberator is not designed to handle heavy wet snow loads.  The cover canvas must be removed before shrink wrap is applied.

Warranty:  3 years normal and customary.

How long will you be without your boat:  It takes only 3-4 days to add The Liberator. We will need your boat in Jackson MI to do the work.


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